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Kyungokjingo concentrate

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Kyungokjingo concentrate



Kyungokjingo concentrate is a prestigious product that has been considered as the 1st class traditional food from the past. Made of strictly selected domestic ingredients, it is loved by the people for the New Year’s present, gift for group meeting, and gift for elders. We use only carefully selected Korean ginseng, Korean Poria cocos , Rhemanniae Radix, and honey. Such ingredients are decocted in a pot for three days and cooled for a day. The ingredients are then decocted one more day for final production. The product makes an excellent gift as it is packed in an elegant celadon porcelain and Paulownia coreana box.

The ginseng in Kyungokjingo concentrate becomes red ginseng throughout the process of decocting for three days and maturing for 24 hours and then decocting again for another 24 hours. For this reason, those people who are not reluctant to take ginseng can take this product well. Furthermore, the antler Kyungokjingo concentrate that contains the prestigious Gurokwon antlers and wild herbs as well as jujube Lyungokjingo concentrate are also provided.



  • product name : Kyungokjingo concentrate
  • category : Beverage
  • material/ingredient :Korean ginseng, Korean Poria cocos , Rhemanniae Radix, and honey No color, no additives, no preservatives
  • weight : 19X19X18 (cm)
  • shelf life : 12 months
  • storage way : Keep in a cool place away from sunlight
  • ea/1box : 450g 600g 900g 1200g